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Education & Development

Child care has the ability to accelerate a child's development in various ways.

Here at Munchkin we have developed our own unique set of learning standards and techniques that will aid in this process.


As a Keystone Star Center, Munchkin University provides its families with the assurance that it is committed to continuously improving its quality of care. Through constant advancement through the Keystone Star Program, parents can be sure that Munchkin University’s Standards, Training/Professional Development, Assistance, Resources, and Support are continually improving.

To Learn More About the Keystone Star Accrediation Program, click here!


The curriculum here at Munchkin not only is developed based on learning standards set by The Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood Education, but we also work towards developing our own teaching style that instills a thirst for learning in the children.

“Learning through Play” is the teaching motto at Munchkin; this will allow your child to learn without even realizing it. Learning isn’t always sitting at a table with worksheets, flashcards, or lectures; here at Munchkin we work hard to develop age appropriate “Learning through Play” activities. Such as, Fishing for Letters, Number Relay Races, Color Scavenger Hunts, and so many more. All of our activities can be adapted to numerous learning objectives and can be taught to parents to utilize at home as well. In addition, to organize “Learning through Play” activities Munchkin teachers are trained to turn everyday play into a fun learning opportunity. For example, we turn playing house into learning colors and shapes by setting the table with specific items, and so forth. We recognize that every play time activity can be turned into fun learning opportunities to enhance our learning objectives!


Munchkin recognizes the importance of identifying and addressing any developmental issues a child may have as early as possible. This will allow the family and us to work together to help the child reach their full potential. In an attempt to aid our families in identifying such issues we offer annual developmental, behavioral, vision, and hearing screenings; all performed by outside professional agencies such as DART, AIU, and more.

“I am so lucky to have found Munchkin. Any other center would have asked me and my child to leave, but Munchkin had a genuine care in the welfare for my son and my family. They directed me and were with me every step of the way to help my child through his behavioral issues. The owners and teachers all went out of their way to provide me with the right resources I needed to diagnose and treat my child. They worked with me and the outside assistants in helping to teach me how to handle the situation and provide a better life for my son. My son’s life will forever be improved because of the help I received at MU, without them I don’t know how my family would have been able to make the improvements that have been made.”


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